Pale Ale

“Atom Splitter” | 5% abv

Aggressively hopped pale ale, that offers a lighter body for easy drinking. Blend of centennial and cascade hops creates a citrus intense flavor profile..


“Menagerie” | 5% abv

This Belgian inspired Sasion is also referred to as a farmhouse ale. Menagerie is fruity, musty and naturally unfiltered.


“Guardian” | 7.5% abv

Inspried by the Trappist Monk style of brewing, our Belgian abbey ale is full of caramel and toffee notes.


“La Flama Blanca” | 5.2%

Simply made with two different malts and two different hops, our white is the most delicate beer in the lineup. Notes of citrus and clove can be detected as the ale quietly passes over the palate.


“Black Bay” | 5% abv

Black Bay is a great alternative to the everyday stout. This beer pours heavy and dry.

Pumpkin Porter

“All Hallows Eve” | 7% abv

Brewed once a year in honor of the fall harvest. This beer is made with freshly roasted roasted pumpkins and spices.

Rasberry Blonde

“Red Head” | 5.5% abv

This beer is a blonde that is made with four different malts including Rye. Hopped with Amarillo and fresh raspberries to provide further complexities and nuances.


“Smoked on the Water” | 5.5% abv

A smoke beer. This is a fun beer that has characteristics of “smoke” as some of the grains have been dried over an open fire.

Double IPA

“Walter“ | 9% abv

Balanced and crisp, our easy drinking double IPA impacts flavors of citrus combined with a refreshing bitterness.


“Brown Bag” | 4.8% abv

American style brown ale with nutty and caramel flavors. Crisp and perfect for a climate that is “60 and moderate” year round.


“Glory” | 8.5% abv

Glory is one of our strong beers. This ale is made with ample malts to provide a sweet and bready experience.